Craig Brian Larson

Pastor Brian has dedicated himself to leading Lake Shore Church in downtown Chicago since 1995. Together with his wife, Nancy, they have nurtured a beautiful family of four grown sons, four daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren.

Brian's educational background includes a master's degree in theology from Wheaton Graduate School. Additionally, he has served in editor roles for notable publications like Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal and PreachingToday.com, where he made lasting contributions for 15 years.

Above all, Brian's love for the Lord is evident, stemming from a profound recognition that God is infinitely superior to us in every conceivable way. He treasures his family dearly and finds immeasurable joy in their company. As a pastor, the act of sharing and preaching God's Word energizes him, as he wholeheartedly believes it to be his divine calling. Writing also provides him with immense satisfaction, as it allows him to fulfill his calling, know God better, and help others to know him.
Email: brian@craigbrianlarson.com