Welcome to Lake Shore Church in Downtown Chicago.

We worship in the West Loop of downtown Chicago on Sunday mornings beginning at 10:00 a.m. and meet on Wednesday nights at 7:00 for prayer.

This Sunday, January 21st, we hold Friend Day. We encourage everyone in our church to invite their friends, so it’s a great day for you to be our guest even if you don’t know anyone in our church. Consider yourself invited! We will have a guest minister, Ed Peecher, who will tell the story of how he came to faith, and talk about “Secrets to Answered Prayer.” After the meeting, we’ll enjoy complimentary pizza.

Church in downtown Chicago

We meet in the Merit School of Music, located at 38 S. Peoria. You will find us in Foreman Hall, on the first floor. Turn left at the reception desk and walk halfway down the hallway. On your right is Foreman Hall.

For more information, please click items of interest in the menu above. Click to read this week’s All for Christ post from Pastor Brian:

Christ merciful

We also invite you to read Pastor Brian’s blog Knowing God and His Ways and subscribe (for free) to get three chapters from his book Hang in There to the Better End.

12 Ways One Prays to Practice God's Presence

You can grow stronger here. You can make a big difference here. By God’s grace, we aim to make a big difference in your life, in our city and our world. Let’s follow Jesus together.

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All for Christ

Christ the Merciful

Everything about Christ is wonderful, but to us in our need and sins certainly one of the sweetest aspects of Jesus Christ is his mercy. Christ is merciful. He is the most merciful of men, the most merciful of leaders, the most merciful of lords, the most merciful of Saviors. Matthew 12:20 says, “a bruised …

Why You Exist

We find our life purpose, our soul mate, in Christ. Your life purpose Speaking about Jesus Christ, Colossians 1:16 says, “All things were created through him and for him.” That is breathtaking. All things were created for Christ. All things. For Christ. That is your God-given purpose and significance. It is the meaning of your …