Our Dream Church

What is our reason for being?

The overarching purpose of our church is to meet with God, glorify God, and join in his work among us.

Our aim is that in our gatherings and actions, God is present and working in kingdom power for the glory of his name, with the result that we have flourishing spiritual life. This is more than a “human thing,” it’s a “God thing,” and we know that not only by faith in God’s promise but also by what we see and feel and experience. We are not pursuing mere religion with its beautiful buildings and ceremonies and robes, nor do we pursue mere numerical growth and size for its own sake. We want God.

We are not a merely human work, such that our church could function and grow with human methods of marketing and advertising apart from God’s kingdom power. Though leadership is necessary, we are not brought together merely by a compelling human leader. God is drawing people to himself among us. God is making disciples, teaching, forming us. God is delivering people from darkness and drawing them into the kingdom of his beloved Son. And so, when we gather together, we do so because we want to be with his people and even more so because we want to meet with God and be where he is present and working in divine power.

10 Ideals

We pursue this overarching purpose of meeting with God, glorifying God, and receiving his work among us and through us in 10 ways:

1. We are a people of God’s presence
We pursue and recognize the emphasized presence of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, to the glory of God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son. We believe in the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

2. We are a worship center
We gather weekly to praise God at length with joyful enthusiasm and glorious music.

3. We are a truth center
We cherish and honor God’s revealed Word. We value careful biblical preaching and teaching and biblical doctrine. We develop discernment regarding the culture in which we live. We welcome the exposure of our own error and sin so that we can walk with Jesus in the truth.

4. We are a prayer center
We aim to see mountains moved and people’s needs met through devoted intercession. This of course also means that we are a faith center. Nothing is too hard for the Lord.

5. We are a freedom center
We help people to be set free from darkness by following Jesus Christ fully and learning to live the Spirit-filled life.

6. We are a gospel center
We help people understand, believe, celebrate, and spread the good news of Jesus Christ and his kingdom. We serve the gospel with boldness and sacrifice, and if need be with suffering. We support the spread of the gospel in our city, nation, and around the world. In serving the gospel, this message that is opposed by the world, we will not fear man, we will not be ashamed of the gospel, we will not shrink back timidly in the face of persecution. We honor the gift and work of evangelism.

7. We are a spiritual gifts center
We pursue the presence of each of the biblical spiritual gifts, without exception, manifested in maturity, wisdom, power, and fruitfulness. We are a body-life focused church, where everyone is encouraged to participate in our gatherings and build up others. We are not focused on and dependent on one leader, but on the contribution of every member of the body.

8. We are a healing center
We believe in and pursue full healing for people physically, emotionally, and spiritually through prayer and the bona fide gift of healing.

9. We are a community of loving relationships
We care for each other. We share our lives with others in the body of Christ, getting to know others and letting ourselves be known. We share hospitality. We seek to be a place of belonging amid a depersonalizing society. We seek to be a place of unity and peace.

10. We are a discipling center
We teach believers to carry on a daily devotional life with God in which they learn the Scriptures on their own, learn to pray in a way that deepens their intimacy with God and brings answers to requests, and learn to discern God’s leading. We teach and practice the spiritual disciplines that encourage Christlike spiritual formation.

Chicago downtown needs a church like this (it needs dozens of churches like this). You need a church like this. God will be glorified through a church like this. So join us in pursuing our dream church. You can make a big difference here.