About us

Our makeup

We are a mix of singles and families, ages and ethnicities, students and career people.

Our passion

Perhaps the best way to get a sense of who we are is by reading about who we long to be. See The Qualities of Our Dream Church. We believe that God is going to answer our prayers and fulfill these longings. If you resonate with these desires, we hope you’ll join us in bringing this powerful church into full expression. It could well be one of the most important things you do with your life.

Our thumbnail history

Lake Shore Church was birthed in 1986, and for most of the church’s history, we have met in hotels in the downtown area. Our pastor Brian Larson began serving the church in 1995.

Our accountability

We are affiliated with the Assemblies of God and subscribe to its beliefs. We receive oversight from the Illinois District of the Assemblies of God.