For Christ and His Truth

What brings us together is the love of God’s truth.

Truth is what we get when God reveals what is real, not false, not imaginary, not wishful thinking. Truth enables me to deal with reality in the way good for me, for others, and for God’s sake.

When I have false views of reality, I sooner or later bump into actual reality and usually in painful ways that bring me loss.

I want to know reality—truth—not avoid it, not escape it, not live in self-defeating denial.

  • Reality about whether God exists and if so how to have a relationship with him.
  • Reality about what is moral and right.
  • Reality about the origins of all things and how that affects the present and future.
  • Reality about the future of all things including me and all the people I care about.
  • Reality about why evil exists in the world, why human life on earth is broken, and how to fix it.
  • Reality about human nature—my nature—why I am broken, imperfect, susceptible to doing what I do not want to do. Reality about how I can be healed and restored and saved.
  • Reality about how to experience health and blessing in my soul, in my body, in my marriage and family and friendships, in my finances and possessions, in my work.

Reality is often a joy and delight to face. Truth can be good news from the moment it reaches your ears.

But reality is often hard to face. Yet Jesus said truth will set you free.

Because I want to know reality, I love the truth in God’s Word. It is the source of all wisdom and understanding about the truths that matter most.

The whole truth

I love all the truths in God’s Word, not just the ones that comfort and encourage me. Not just the ones that make me feel good. Not just the positive, inspiring truths, which fill the Bible, thank God, but also the “negative,” hard truths that warn me of perils to avoid.

I don’t want to find out too late about what can harm me. Tell me now. I will man up and deal with reality.

All of this explains why Paul the apostle told the leaders of one church, “I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27 ).

Why would an apostle be tempted to “shrink” from declaring everything God says? Because many people refuse to hear it. Many don’t want to hear about sin, holiness, judgment, hell, God’s wrath, self-denial, the cross. But Paul loved people enough and obeyed God enough to preach everything, the whole counsel of God.

I’m trying to do that in our church. I hope you have ears to hear it.

Together let’s love all God’s truth.

Much love,

Pastor Brian