For Christ and His Glory


Lake Shore Church family,

We come together for the glory of God.

Our common bond is the desire for the glory of God to fill our lives, church, city, nations, and world.

The glory of God is God on display in his majesty, works, and wisdom. There is nothing more beautiful or awesome. There is nothing more wonderful and delightful. If life ever bores you, if you are ever world-weary, what your soul craves is the glory of God.


This is why we do not rush worship.

Some church-growth experts recommend brief worship services. Or they recommend turning worship into a musical performance.

Nothing wrong with a concert, but our church comes together on Sunday mornings to participate in worship, to express deep worship orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.

That usually does not happen in 5–10 minutes with the richness it can in 20–30 minutes.

We do this because we love the glory of God.


This desire also explains why my preaching focuses intensively on the Word of God. In this world, God’s glory is revealed in the Bible more than in any other place, even more than the glory revealed in nature.

That is because words convey a level of information, meaning, and clarity that nature’s display of God’s glory cannot achieve. You cannot find the gospel in a sunset, for example, but you can in the Bible.

So our hunger for the Bible is actually a hunger for God and his glory.

The glory of man, technology, sports, architecture, engineering, and science is on display all around us. But none of it can satisfy and delight like a true encounter with the glory of God.

Let’s dedicate our church every day to be a center for the display of God’s glory.

Much love,

Pastor Brian