Together for Christ and His Message

Lake Shore family,

I wrote last week that what brings us together is Christ and his kingdom. There is a person who is great beyond anything we now know, a person worthy of our full devotion, and that is Jesus Christ.

The reason Christ and his kingdom mean much to us is we believe the gospel. We would not value Christ apart from the gospel.

He would be just another religious figure, another god, another teacher—if we believed he was not God’s Son, not the only Savior, not the way and the truth and the life, not the light of the world, not the bread of life and living water, not the atoning sacrifice for our sins, not coming again.

Why care about Jesus if his body rotted in the tomb and his dust is still buried somewhere today? Why care about Jesus if his real father was Joseph? Why care about Jesus if he died for no purpose at all? If his blood on the cross was nothing more than one life dripping away.

No, if you did not believe the gospel, you would have “more important” things to spend your time on: earning money, building your network, getting needed sleep, hanging out with friends and family, relaxing.

If you don’t believe, there is always something more important. Believing the gospel made Jesus priceless to you.

By sincerely believing that message you are saved.

What brings us together is we believe the gospel. We want to be saved.

Because we really believe that message, we know this gospel is not something to keep to ourselves. It is the only hope of the world, of every breathing soul.

Together we can advance this message in ways we cannot alone. The church is a gospel multiplier.

So together we are for Christ, for his kingdom—and for his gospel.

Much love,

Pastor Brian

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