Day 37 in 40 Days of Joy

Tuesday, June 6th

Title: The Joy of True Disciples

Scripture: Acts 13:52 says,

“the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit”

Main Idea: True disciples of Jesus are learning to rejoice in  the Lord.

More: The word used in this Scripture for Christians is disciples. Many who regard themselves as Christians are not disciples of Jesus. They have not repented of their fundamental rebellion against God’s rule. Jesus is not their Lord. They don’t believe much of what the Bible says and thus don’t read it much.

But a disciple is someone who has come under the Lordship of Jesus and is learning his ways as taught in his inerrant Word. True disciples have the joy of the Lord. They are steadily growing  in having the mind of the  Lord, which brings joy and  confidence.

Are you a true disciple? If not, do not let another hour go by without bowing your knees to him.

Faith and Worship Declarations: I have surrendered to Jesus Christ, and therefore I am a true disciple of his. I am filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.