Day 13 in 40 Days of Joy

Saturday, May 13th

Title: Why God’s Judgment Brings Joy

Scripture: Psalm 67:4 says,

“Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the peoples with equity and guide the nations upon earth.”

Main Idea: God’s judgments in the world bring joy to the innocent because he judges with perfect fairness.

For Hungry Readers: People don’t usually associate God’s judgment with joy. But Scripture emphatically does because until God judges evildoers, our world will continue to groan, and people will suffer. When God judges the world, he makes things right. Evildoers are disarmed and punished. Those doing right are vindicated and exalted.

The reason we can rejoice in God’s judgments is he judges with equity, with fairness. God knows everything, so his judgments are perfect.

Notice that this verse is describing a present reality, not just a Final Judgment at the end of this age. God’s judgment may be slow in coming, but it will come in some ways in this lifetime, and completely in the End.

Notice also that this verse focuses on God’s judgment upon nations. God is big enough to make things right even among people groups. History shows the truth of this.

Faith Declarations: I rejoice in God’s judgments, for they are always equitable and always make things right.