Day 10 in 40 Days of Joy

Wednesday, May 10th

Title: Joy Food

Scripture: Psalm 119:111 says

“Your testimonies are my heritage forever, for they are the joy of my heart.”

Main Idea: God’s Word brings joy.

For Hungry Readers: When we are feeling down, we need to read the Bible. God’s Word speaks promises that encourage us with words relevant to our situation. But beyond that, God’s Word focuses our mind and heart on things that transcend our situation, things greater than our situation; glorious things that do not change; important things that gladden our hearts because they are true, righteous, pure, holy, good, beautiful. God’s Word gives joy because it turns our minds to God, the source of perfect joy.

Therefore we need to read the Bible daily for the sake of our mental health and happiness. The Bible will not always leave us whistling a happy tune, but it will always give deep soul joy when we respond to its truth with belief, appropriate worship and thanksgiving, and obedience.

Faith Declarations: I read God’s Word daily because his words are the joy of my heart.