Day 9 in 40 Days of Joy

Tuesday, May 9th

Title: Finding Joy in Our Works and God’s Works

Scripture: Psalm 92:4–5

“You, O LORD, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy. 5 How great are your works, O LORD!”

Main Idea: God’s works give greater cause for joy than our own works.

For Hungry Readers: God has made us in his image, and so we get the joy of working, making a difference, accomplishing things, imagining things and then doing them. What a blessing that is, and it is fitting to rejoice in our good works, for they are God’s works in us.

But there is no comparison between what you can accomplish and what God accomplishes by his works in our world and universe. His works are infinitely greater in number, glory, wisdom, and power. Thankfully he does work through us and does wonderful things in which we rejoice, but we can rejoice in the many works of God that we do not have a hand in—things like the beautiful world of nature that surrounds us. Things like the conversion of souls. Things like his healing of the sick and delivering people from Satan’s grip. Things like building churches and transforming cultures and nations through the gospel. God’s works are endless! Learn to rejoice in more than your narrow piece in the world.

Faith Declarations: I rejoice in God’s mighty works in the earth. I rejoice today for God’s hand in sunshine and blue sky, for the regular patterns of day and night, moon and stars. I praise God for his works in people all around me. I rejoice also in things like the good technologies and buildings and artworks he has enabled mankind to create. God’s works are wonderful to me, and I enjoy thanking him for them.