Day 2 in 40 Days of Joy

Tuesday, May 2nd

Title: The Surpassing Joy of Christians

Scripture: Psalm 4:7

“You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound.”

Main Idea: God puts joy in the hearts of his people. That joy far exceeds any joy found in this world’s pleasures.

For Hungry Readers: God’s joys are the greatest joys. He wants his people to have joy. Joy is his idea. He is its source. From him are all things, including joy. Even the joy that people of this world have, people who do not worship and serve God, even that joy is from God because he is gracious. But that joy cannot compare with the joy of knowing and loving God, of being saved, the joy of being delivered from sinful bondage and Satan’s grip, the joys of God’s Word and the glories of the kingdom of God, the joy of knowing that even greater joy, unmitigated joy, awaits us in the age to come.

Happiness is not the devil’s idea. He only works to steal, kill, and destroy. Joy is God’s nature and its true source.

Faith Declarations: God puts joy in my heart. I have more joy as a believer in Christ than I did as an unbeliever.