Day 33 — 40 Days of God’s Favor

Day 33 — Thursday, April 6th

Title: Favor with Key People

Scripture: Acts 7:9–10

“The patriarchs, jealous of Joseph, sold him into Egypt; but God was with him and rescued him out of all his afflictions and gave him favor and wisdom before Pharaoh, king of Egypt, who made him ruler over Egypt and over all his household.”

Main Idea: God is able to give us favor with key people.

For Hungry Readers: In the account of Joseph rising to power in Egypt, it is surprising how quickly Pharaoh turned over control of his nation to Joseph. Sure, the ease and alacrity with which Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream would have impressed Pharaoh and it’s easy to see why Pharaoh would immediately add him to his group of advisors. But most leaders would probably have tested him further before giving him the keys of the kingdom.

Not Pharaoh. Why did he do it? Because this Scripture says God gave Joseph favor in his eyes. God gave Pharaoh a mindset of trust, confidence, and respect toward Joseph. God can do the same for you with the members of your family, friends, work colleagues, superiors, subordinates, and neighbors.

Faith Declarations: I am growing in favor with key people in my life.