Day 25 — 40 Days of God’s Favor

Day 25 — Wednesday, March 29th

Title: Ever Increasing Favor

Scripture: Luke 2:52

“Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.”

Main Idea: Favor can increase, both with God and man.

For Hungry Readers: This verse describes the time of Jesus’ maturation from boyhood to manhood. In what sense did Jesus grow in favor with God? For the Father’s favor toward him was infinite from all eternity. This growth in favor must refer to his human maturation in his walk with his heavenly Father, for Jesus had to grow in that just as we do. This must refer to the ever increasing delight that the Father had in Jesus’ human growth in understanding God and God’s ways, laws, and Scriptures.

Favor is not static, something you have or don’t have. Favor can grow both with God and mankind. In one sense, God’s favor toward us is infinite and complete because we are in Jesus; and God has infinite favor toward Jesus and those who are in him. But just as Jesus grew in favor with God as a human, so we can grow in favor with God by learning to please him more and more with our increasing faith, love, obedience, and fellowship with God.

Moreover, we can of course grow in favor with the people around us.

We should pray daily that God will cause us to grow in favor with God and man, as Jesus did.

Faith Declarations: I am growing in favor with God and man.