Day 13 — 40 Days of God’s Favor

Day 13 — Friday, March 17th

Title: Being Receptive

Scripture: Psalm 81:10

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.”

Main Idea: We control how much of God’s favor gets into us.

For Hungry Readers: Psalm 81 presents God as the one who delivered his people out of Egypt and wanted to give them lots of the best. The psalm shows God to be unstinting in favor toward his people and uses a concrete image with which we all can identify: a child being fed by parents. If you have ever tried to feed toddlers, you know that they control how much food gets in their stomach. No matter how strong is your desire that the toddler eat a big meal filled with nutritious food, they have to open their mouth and swallow.

God in favor says he will fill your mouth if you will open it wide. He is generous. He is kind. He wants your best and gives what is best in heaping spoonfuls. Trust in that favor.

Then open wide to the food he knows is best for you. You may want bananas, but he may first have green beans on the spoon. Be sure you don’t follow Israel’s example and stubbornly refuse God’s good commands or the circumstances he allows (see the rest of Psalm 81). Trust him and eat what he serves, and over time you will probably see him serving more foods you prefer. But everything God serves brings ultimate blessing.

Faith Declarations: I will receive the favor God wants to give me in whatever flavor that favor comes. I will develop an appetite for the things of God. I will give thanks in all circumstances and obey God fully. I want everything God wants to give me.