Day 11 — 40 Days of God’s Favor

Day 11 — Wednesday, March 15th

Title: Success

Scripture: 1 Samuel 18:14 says, “David had success in all his undertakings, for the LORD was with him.”

Main Idea: When God is with us in our undertakings, he gives success in ways we could not accomplish on our own. This is one way God shows favor.

For Hungry Readers: God showed great favor to David. One expression of his favor was he gave him success in his military endeavors. He defeated Goliath. He became a commander of Israel’s armies and led them in victory after victory. Today’s Scripture explains that this happened because God was with him. His presence was with David, giving wisdom, guidance, and strength, but giving to his enemies fear and confusion.

Lest we take this to an extreme, though, we must recognize that the Bible also shows that godly and wise servants of God also failed at times. Prophets like Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel proclaimed the very words of God to Israel, but they were rejected, and the nation ended up being judged and exiled. Therefore God does not guarantee success in every undertaking, because every person we deal with does not do what God wants. Moreover, we do not always do what God wants! That is, our every undertaking is not necessarily his will. We make mistakes. We are limited and fallible.

Still, if sincere followers of Jesus Christ persistently and continually fail in their undertakings, it is possible they are not walking fully in the Lord’s wisdom and ways. See Joshua 1:8 and the entire Book of Proverbs. For more on this, listen to the full audio of Pastor Brian’s message that accompanies the devotional on Day 1. Then ask God for wisdom about your situation (see James 1:5).

Faith Declarations: I regularly succeed in my undertakings, for the Lord is with me.