Day 7 — 40 Days of God’s Favor

Day 7 — Saturday, March 11th

Scripture: John 1:16–17 says, “And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.  For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”

Main Idea: The fullness of God’s favor is found only in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in which we trust in his grace, not in our ability to keep God’s law.

For Hungry Readers: Today’s Scripture emphasizes grace and fullness and receiving from God, all through Jesus Christ. Under the new covenant that replaces the covenant of Moses, God’s favor is now found in Jesus. Jesus is the focus. All who want God’s goodness must follow Jesus as Lord. In him you find “grace upon grace,” like waves of the sea pouring in one after another after another without end. Grace means unmerited favor, favor you do not deserve but which God gives because his favor is so great.

But that grace is found in Jesus, not in other religions, not in keeping religious and moral laws as the means of salvation. Believing in Jesus brings “fullness,” the abundance of life, joy, blessing, peace, provision, and healing.

People who want God’s favor sometimes have chief in their mind God’s ability to give them success, promotion, admiration, and financial and material abundance. God is not opposed to those things, but that is not what favor is chiefly about. God’s favor is chiefly about experiencing the fullness of life that is found by believing and loving Jesus Christ. To find more favor, fix your attention on Jesus. You can have none of the marks of this world’s success but still enjoy today the maximum fullness of God’s favor, because you can walk in close fellowship with Jesus.

Faith Declarations: I find God’s favor in Jesus Christ. I trust in Jesus Christ and God’s grace. I am full of God’s grace. Day after day I receive of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.