January sermon series: The Faith That Jesus Expects

On Sunday January 4th Pastor Brian begins a new series of sermons titled “The Faith That Jesus Expects.”

Some people dismiss the many things Jesus says about faith as unattainable, even dangerous. But when Jesus commanded, “Have faith in God,” and then talked about moving mountains with it (Mark 11:22–24), he wasn’t classifying effective faith as abnormal or optional. He was giving a command to true disciples. He wants his followers to have faith and learn faith. He expected faith from his disciples, and he expects faith from us today.

In this new series of messages we will look at the principles of the faith life. Along the way, we will point out how the faith life can step over the boundaries of Scripture, but we will also see that Scripture clearly shows there is no such thing as faith without risk, adventure, and the appearance to doubters that we are out of touch with reality, perhaps even kooky. Yet Jesus was surprised by people whose worldview was restricted to the ordinary, material physics of this world, rebuked those with little faith, and commended those who believed him for the impossible. To be faithful to Jesus and his Word we must pursue faith, and in this series of sermons we will.

The title of the Sunday January 4th message is “Called to Faith” based on Mark 11:22-24.